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Welcome 2021

The EMP family bids good riddance to 2020 and welcomes the promise that 2021 will bring.


Despite Covid-19 fears, we took the necessary precautions and continued to work safely in the studio. 2020 has been prolific, a spiritual awakening for many allowing the necessary time to focus on family, health, personal goals, and the things that really matter in music.


Our musical blessings are overflowing! We have NO DOUBT that 2021 be the launching pad, our time to release an avalanche of musical talent. Watch out for these upcoming projects:

Charlie Vaughn - "Charlie's Couch"

No stranger to St. Louis, Charlie is a smooth Barry White-reminiscent, baritone crooner certain to make the ladies melt and the fellas want to copy his swag. "Charlie's Couch" is his debut project under the EMP TOPPDOGG RECORDZ label. Check out the Music page to preview and purchase the promotional  teaser "MY TIME" (also available online through iTunes, SoundCloud, and other music streaming platforms).

Saint Louis' Finest All Female Hip Hop Project

In the incubator is the much-awaited all-female hip hop project featuring Jennices O’Mega, G.A. Barz, and other STL Queens...stay tuned at

EMP Village


“Music can change the world because it can change people.” ― Bono

The "EMP Village" is dedicated to spreading the gift of music beyond usual entertainment pleasure. EMP Village seeks to use music as a tool in the community giving voice and opportunity to youth through mentorship. Partnerships with the St. Vincent Home for Children and Junior Achievement have put EMP Productions on the front lines to provide our youth with vision, purpose, and freedom of expression through music.

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