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"Music is real.
It affects people; it’s real.”

Music has always been a reality in the life of Eugene Maurice Patterson. As a young boy growing up in the guts of St. Louis, Missouri, Eugene used plastic buckets and sticks to transform syncopated beats and rhythmic vibes into beautiful sounds that always commanded the attention of passersby. With time and enduring passion, Eugene’s love for music evolved. The gift was abundant, the talent raw, and the future bright. A skilled percussionist emerged…Eugene had mastered the art, the drum set not only developed his musical mindset, it became the gateway instrument inviting keyboards and strings as partners in his musical universe.

In 1993 Eugene founded “EMP (Everybody Makin' Profits) Productions Inc.,” a music production company offering artists a platform of services from production, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering, sound engineering, and mentorship in the music industry. EMP Productions departs from the typical industry shark model where the conglomerate calls the shots and pockets the money. At EMP Productions artists are educated about the industry and empowered in an environment where their voices are heard and creative talent is respected and compensated, “everybody making profits.”

Under its indie label “EMP TOPP DOGG RECORDZ Inc.” the company markets, promotes, distributes and tracks sales of its music releases across the United States and internationally.

EMP Productions has provided musical arrangements for hundreds of lyricists and EMP TOPP DOGG RECORDZ Inc. features some of the most talented, versatile and musically gifted producers, songwriters, singers, and musicians in the Midwest region. Its portfolio runs the wide gamut of musical genres from Gospel, Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Country.

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